VOSSOS STUDIOS complex is located in Lagana, just 100m away from the beach.

Laganas is a place where, during your holidays, you can sunbathe on the hot sand, enjoy the nature, swim towards small islands and next to the sea turtle, and have fun in many ways, either close to the nature or by the night clubs and bars.

The vast and beautiful beach of Laganas is ideal for people of any age. The golden sands slide very gently into a shallow and warm sea which is ideal especially for the children, but also lead to deeper and cooler waters perfect for swimming and water sports.

The mountains on both sides of the golf and the small islands in the background complete the enchanting natural surroundings.

By choosing VOSSOS  for your holidays, you give yourself the chance to stay in newly build and renovated rooms, all with a balcony or a veranda, bathroom and kitchen, for all your every day basic needs.

The rooms are sunny and brightly painted, with television, telephone and air conditioning.

In VOSSOS complex you will be able to have fun, from early in the morning until late at night, enjoying the swimming pool, relaxing with a cocktail at the snack bar or tasting a good quality and reasonably priced meal.

The reception area will remain open from the morning until late at night, for everything you might need and there you will find safety deposit boxes for all your personal belongings.

At the entrance of VOSSOS studios you can find the best offers, just for you, in our own store.

The location of the resort will allow you to visit the rest of the island, with your choice of public or private means of transportation with no need to cover great distances.

That will unable you to visit the rest of the beautiful beaches, the picturesque villages, the historical and cultural monuments, the museums and all the many other interesting places.


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